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Digital Diamond Token Rewards

A Bit About Digital Diamonds

a. Main rewards token of the Digiverse and the main rewards for holding Digital Gold, Silver, and a Mining Permit NFT.

b. 999,999 total supply.

c. Governance Token for the Digiverse application.



In addition, wallets that hold Digital Gold Tokens and Digital Silver Tokens will be rewarded with the ultra-rare Digital Diamond Tokens. Disbursement of Digital Diamonds will occur on a quarterly basis. The amount of Digital Diamonds rewarded will vary depending on the amount of the Digital Gold Tokens and the Digital Silver Token you hold. The requirement will be tiered, the more Digital Gold Tokens and Digital Silver Tokens a community member has the more Digital Diamonds that member will receive. Holders must meet certain thresholds. Digital Gold holders with 1,000 tokens or more and a Gold Miner NFT will be allowed to mine Digital Silver. Wallets holding both Digital Gold and Digital Silver will earn Digital Diamonds as rewards.


1. Minimum 1,000 Digital Gold Tokens needed to qualify.

2. Same wallet must hold a Mining Permit NFT.

3. No mining computers needed (it’s all virtual).

4. Digital Silver will be mined every epoch.

5. Rare Digital Diamonds will be rewarded quarterly.

6. Virtual Mining will be stand-alone and in the Digiverse.


Digital Diamond Rewards

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How To Get Your Digital Diamonds Tokens Rewards




Before recieving Digital Diamond Tokens Rewards™ please ensure the following:
1. Read our Goldpaper (Whitepaper).
2. Be sure you are using a Shell-Era wallet that supports native assets.
3. Do NOT, we repeat Do NOT send funds from an exchange, your funds could be lost, and you will not receive any Digital Diamond Tokens.

In order to receive Digital Diamond Tokens please send EXACTLY 2 ADA to the provided address below, when you do, we will then return 1.5 ADA along with a random amount of Digital Diamonds according to the table above. 





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